To be thankful everyday

Every morning every time we wake we must always pray sincerely,giving thanks to GOD for the life that we have everyday.Starting a morning with Him is a good start of our daily life.

How about when we feel bad,everything is not right,

Even though we are not in a good situations,we feel everything is wrong ,we should be thankful for it.You know why………because GOD knows we can overcome it.We have His guidance,that we should trust Him despite that the devil always attacking us and trying to destroy our relationship to GOD.

Whenever we go,whatever we do we should be thankful for each blessings that His given with us whether it is small or big it doesn’t matter.what matter is we feel the presence of GOD in our life.

We should enjoy our life by serving Him whole heartedly,even in your own little way.Because He don’t look how good you serve Him but it is the way you do it with a kind heart,and everything we do we dedicate to our GOD.

We need to be thankful everyday because He provide what we need and He knows it.We dont need to doubt Him its because we feel GOD dont know what is in our mind and heart.It’s not like that..He know and feel it because we are His son.Just like our parents for example they know if something bothering us because parents recognized it.But how much more GOD.He who knows everything more than we know ourselves.Am I right.?

As today I’m very much thankful for my life,my strength that His given to body feel so tired but still my spirit have full energy that the body just only following.Maybe for those who dont know what I am talking about they dont understand but that’s ok ,as long as I know inside of me there’s working and helping me to grow even more better and guiding me what is the right way to do.

Let us talk about now LOVE

When we talk about love,everyone is really interested.Some giggles,some is so much excited that they dont even know how to control it.Sometimes some people is looking forward for their future husband and how’s life it will goes.

But love is not only for those you can touch you can hug,or interact.We can also feel love and fall in love to GOD.Just today when I was alone doing some household works,it suddenly comes into my mind about love.Then one thing that I’ve learned is that before you love anybody else we should love GOD first second yourself,value it,He is the only one that He will forever be there for me,never leave me,supporting me whatever I do as long I have guidance comes from HIM.That I will forever faithful and trust Him.We should engaged to JESUS CHRIST and commit ourselves.He will be our forever faithful husband.

Now as we go this day..

How’s your work?

Having a good job is really a good opportunity for everyone,and you should be thankful for it.

But how about people working outside country?Do they need to be thankful for the kind of work they have?

Yes.Despite of being away for their love one’s,still they do their part as mother/father to there child.

Even I’m away too to my family I always be thankful for what I have.But the good thing that Im very thankful today is when someone appreciate my work and her sincerity to say thank you makes my my heart overwhelmed even though,the employer just ignore your work ,your effort that you put just to finish the work.

I was totally upset for what she did but I really don’t expected that the person sometimes I don’t like would be the one who will appreciate me.And I was very much thankful for it.

As the day past by its even more tiring yet a very thankful day and somethings happened.But I know for sure a have the Holy Spirit already.

But how come I’m sure that I receive and He already baptized me?

To be called stupid in front of my employer’s family and talking me in very high tone and don’t know how to calm down is for me makes me hurt as a human being.It makes me feel insulted,just because of misunderstanding about work.Instead of following her for what she want me to do and insisting she’s right,I return back to her without any doubt insisting also my point,my explanation,even I cried in front of her it’s not because I feel angry but because she really don’t understand me.I don’t know where did I get my courage to speak out and my mind and heart have voice to stood up.I just only ask GOD for His guidance,makes everything clear and I surrender my situation to Him.After a few minutes she came back to me and apologized for what she said.Finally that was the time I told my self GOD baptized me already the Holy Spirit and strongly working in I should be thankful off.But if you think I have grudge to her?absolutely no.I dont have even a tiny bit.


The Prayer

Everyone knows how to pray.Some, others can pray many times.There are also some people that they pray and already memorize each lines they were going to say.

But is your prayer really answered?

Maybe some of you will say YES but how about the others that they keep praying and pray but still,nothing’s happened.This is sometimes a problem for many of us,we think GOD is not listening to our prayers.But its not like that.

Have you tried sometimes asked yourself ,why your prayer is still not answered??

Maybe something’s wrong.

Is it my prayer problem??

No.Definitely its not the prayer the problem.It’s YOU my friend.This is not about how long you pray or the content of your prayer.This is about the way you pray my friend.

Doing a prayer is our way to be connected to GOD.This is also our way to communicate with Him.

To pray,you have to be yourself,you have to remove your mask or make up,,be true to GOD.You have to be sincere to HIM.Because this is between you and GOD.He knows you better than you know your self.

To pray you must have faith.Believed it.He will be done to you

Mark 11:22-24

And Jesus answered saying to them, “Have faith in God. “Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him. “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.

Be a light candle,

I,Jesus,the bright and morning star

Revelation 22:16

After listening to a very powerful message of GOD,it inspire me to pursue and continue what GOD wanted me to do, and this is a call to me that He wanted me to understand.I was very thankful that finally GOD open my eyes and look forwar for His vision to me.

I may not be a perfect daughter,a perfect mother,a perfect wife,a perfect friend and I may not even a perfect person.But when it comes to GOD, I can stop my wrong doings and obey HIS word and put GOD my first.

As they teach us,we need to be a light candle.

What the light candle represents for???
The candle symbolizes light in the darkness of life especially individual life, illlumination; it is the symbol of holy illumination of the spirit of truth.

To be a light candle,it represents that you are giving life to others.

Those person that are losing hope in life ,feeling empty inside,suffered sexual abuse,sicknesses,depression,attempts suicides are people that we should pay attention its because the presence of GOD is not working in their life.

They may not even have an idea what the power of GOD can do to their life and how they can change and transform them into a new them.

But upon evangelizing,do the words of GOD,and saving soul to them we are giving life my friend.By these we are already broke the chain in our life that the devil trying to pull us back .

So I decided without emotion,by trusting what the Holy Spirit spoke to me with all my strength with all my heart,body,soul,I will serve GOD until my last breath.I will be thankful to Him for giving me a chance to serve GOD


Let GOD be your steering wheel

He will drive you all day long

He will never get tired of you

Let GOD be your traffic light

Warned you if you are in danger

Getting you ready to continue

To go and fight your battles in life

Let GOD be your map

He will guide you into the right path

He will make sure you’ll not be lost

Let GOD be your bulb light

Lighten your way

Giving you hope in your darkest time

Let GOD be your coat and umbrella

Protect and guard you

Those people trying to hurt you

Let GOD be your controller

He will mold you to be a better person

Whatever you want to be

Wherever you want to go

GOD leads you

The cheater

Mostly people now a days have experienced to be cheated by their own partner.We cannot blame them why they do that.Maybe from the very beginning of your relationship between your partner have already a problem and it’s too late before you recognized the root.

They say having a give and take relationship is also a way to make a relationship work.

But how about other’s who already cheated by their partners.

It’s really hard to accept if you are in this kind of situations.You dont know what will you feel or you just stay at a corner,accept everything,being blind for what your partner doing.

Cheating is not really acceptable doings.Those people doing it is like a weeds that need to remove and throw into garbage..They are not worth enough to give attention..

Those cheater people is a kind of person which the presence of GOD is not in their life.They were not afraid of doing such stupid things.Destroying the relationship that they have.

Cheater person dont respect his/her self.You just only show other people that you dont need to respect because of your wrong doing.You only put your self down.

Cheater don’t love themselves.They don’t even know how to value it.How can you love someone if you even dont know how to love yourself..How can you appreciate the presence of your partner if you don’t know h the word importance.

#forever best friend

You give my life a meaning,

You teach me how to smile again

You ease the pain of my broken heart

Day by day you’re always at my side

Cheer me up when i am not ok

Doing crazy things,i can’t imagine

But one day i realized,

Even my self don’t understand

A very strange feelings I felt

Then I found the right answer

Yes I’m falling in love to my best friend

I tried to ignore and tried to avoid you

For this feeling,it’s getting deeper

I’m afraid to tell you this

Afraid to break the friendship

So better to keep it on secret

Now maybe its to late for me

To say how much I care for you

Because I can see in your eyes

How happy you are right now

To be with someone

Truly appreciate you

GOD can transformed Us

Its hard for some people to believe that there is hope for them.Those people feel they were helpless and nobody can help them in that kind of living they have right now.They think it is a curse for them or maybe misfortune for others ,who are there life is miserable.

How this situation affects human behavior????

Having a horrible life mostly leads into a person how she/he reacts.A person like this mostly get easily angry,stress,no vision,everything is a mess,no direction anymore that lead to a person to end up their life.They were feeling down and the worst thing is they blame GOD for everything.

But should I blame GOD,???

NO .You dont have to blame GOD why you are now suffering or even questioning HIM..We,in this world have no right blaming GOD for everything its because He is not the one who decide nor even making decision for us..It’s you,my friend,blame yourself not GOD


14 But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. 15 Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth

I still remember when I was young.Even my self I blame Him,not once,twice but so many times.All my failures in my dreams,relationship and even marriage I questioned Him I even got angry to GOD.I have a lot of grudges inside my heart.

But what makes me decide to change…

Simple my friend..I just open my heart and mind and I see GOD.When we surrender to Him our life and let His Holy Spirit work inside of us everything will change.Your sorrow will turn into joy,happiness and you have a power to conquer any kind of tribulation in your life.And GOD transformed you to a better person.